Small Business Stories

  • Types of Cloud Computing


    The previous article in this cloud computing series explained the general definition of cloud computing and discussed some of the general features that all cloud computing vendors offer. Now that you have a basic idea of what cloud computing is, t...

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  • Small businesses still suffering: Obama administration seeks to address lack of available loans


    By Jonathan D. Epstein, The Buffalo News, N.Y. Feb. 22--Dan Hensel is the kind of business owner the federal government is counting on to revive the moribund economy. The 36-year-old Corning native started his own automotive repair business in the...

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  • Adobe's Photoshop Turns 20


    SAN JOSE, Calif. _ As Adobe's Photoshop reaches its 20th anniversary this month, its presence is everywhere. The image-editing software, embraced by amateur and professional photographers alike, is used to make family photo albums, labels for beve...

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  • Social media is changing the small business world


    By Jason Foster, The Herald, Rock Hill, S.C. Feb. 14--If you own a small business, how are you using social media? A little? A lot? Not at all? A workshop Tuesday in Rock Hill will show how this growing worldwide phenomenon is changing the small b...

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