Small Business Stories

  • 5 Reasons We Love (Or Hate!) Our Jobs


    More often than not, people are describing what they do as “just a job.” As someone who has always loved her job, I’ve found this sentiment surprising and decided to do a some research. What makes someone love their job, instead of hating it? More...

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  • Improving Loyalty in a Down-Turn


    Focus on your best customers is something I hear a lot and especially so when times are hard. The mantra moves from acquisition is everything to retention is all. Typically, someone notices that key metrics - net new customers, cost per sale, etc ...

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  • Print Tools For Small Business And Mobile Professionals To Succeed


    PlanOn PrintStik If you are on the road and need to get a hard copy of important information, you know it can be a hassle. Sure, you can try to send a copy to the front desk of the hotel, then go downstairs to get it, etc. However, sometimes you j...

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  • New iPhone Gets VoIP Support


    Apple began to ease its restrictions on VoIP apps last fall when it approved a Vonage app .  In October AT&T and Apple said that they would eventually be opening 3G data traffic to voice-over IP calls (initially approved apps like the Vonage app w...

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