Small Business Stories

  • Strategic and Tactical Planning: Understanding the Difference


    Many small business owners and operators do not spend much time planning for their business success. The biggest reason, in my opinion, is that they are not aware how easy it can be. Most owners, when they hear the words Strategic Planning or Tact...

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  • Managers: "Undercover" Success?


    Undercover Boss has become one of the newer hit shows, as the CEO or owner of a company goes incognito to learn about what’s really going on his company. While I never practiced pretending to be someone I wasn’t, this show reminds me of a basic ma...

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  • Make Sales Like Rabbits Using The Hidden Sales Multiplier


    Many salespeople think, the sales process is finished when the deal is closed; when really it is just the start of the next sales cycle. The things that you do right then will determine whether you’re successful as a sales professional. Here is wh...

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  • How To Manage a Global Office


    Undercover Boss has become a new hit show, largely because it demonstrates the value of a basic management principle, first proposed by Peters and Waterman known as “managing by walking around”. But today’s global business world taxes a manager’s ...

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