Small Business Stories

  • Can Main Street Catch Up with Wall Street?


    On the one hand, the Dow Jones industrial average once again danced around 10,000 last week. Earnings of Caterpillar (CAT), Google (GOOG), and Apple (AAPL) far exceeded expectations. If U.S. gross domestic product rebounds as expected on Oct. 29 a...

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  • When Mobile Productivity Decreases: Adobe's Photoshopp iPhone App


    Earlier this month Adobe introduced an iPhone application to enable the editing of photos, "while on the go". You can edit photos, apply effects and share images with others. The tool is pretty neat and has seamless integration with users' free Ph...

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  • Google CEO: Vast Changes Coming to the Web Within 5 Years


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A Web where Chinese is the dominant language, and connections are so fast that distinctions between audio, video and text are blurred is perhaps just five years away, the head of Google said Wednesday. Eric Schmidt, chairman and CE...

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  • Be Real And Grow Your Business


    Today we are overwhelmed with fake. We see fake Rolex watches, fake Mont Blanc pens and even fake body parts (we won’t go there right now!). Yikes! In business it is almost at an epidemic level. We see way too many people touting the hype of their...

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