Small Business Stories

  • FCC Comes Closer to Determining New Net Neutrality Principles, Businesses Worry


    WASHINGTON - The federal government this week is stepping squarely into a high-stakes technology battle with this seemingly straightforward question at its core: Should Internet providers such as Comcast and AT&T be allowed to control what you do ...

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  • Create Dazzling Customer Experiences


    Today’s economy requires innovative ideas to generate more revenue. That comes from creating dazzling customer experiences that bring customers back again and again. Recently I had the opportunity to hear Cathie Black, the President of Hearst Maga...

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  • Microsoft, Google Make Separate Deals with Twitter for Search Access


    SAN FRANCISCO - Twitter Inc. is selling the rights to mine its communications hotbed to both Internet search leader Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. in dueling deals that underscore the growing importance of being able to show what's on people's mi...

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  • CRM for your Small Business


    Customer relationship management (CRM) software is now available for even the smallest of enterprises. This is a proven business tool for retaining customers and adding new ones. CRM software solutions help your business by allowing you to maintai...

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