Small Business Stories

  • 7 Ways to Become a Grade-A Speaker


    You keep a checklist handy for many of your regular tasks--grocery shopping, scheduling your day and week, and creating a hyperlink, for example. Because your profession requires you to speak to groups frequently, you have often wished you could k...

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  • Never Stop Learning


    It hurts to learn. Yet, learning keeps us mentally agile well into our golden years, and it's the hallmark of successful entrepreneurs. Keeping up with what you don't know has the amazing ability to transform what you do know into the next million...

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  • Why Windows 7 is Underwhelming


    According to the hype and early reviews, Windows 7 is the best revision of the PC operating system that Microsoft has released in years. It probably is. But that says more about how little Microsoft has done to maintain and upgrade Windows over th...

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  • What To Wear When You Work From Home


    h4. What should you wear when you work from home? It's a question I'm asked frequently in my image consultanting business, and one that bears thoughtful consideration. For just as your appearance matters when you report to work in the "outside" wo...

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