Small Business Stories

  • The Difference Between Windows Vista and 7? Like Night and Day


    It is fitting that Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system arrives ahead of Halloween. When Microsoft buries Windows Vista for good on Oct. 22 and replaces it with Windows 7, the ghostbusters in Redmond will have exorcised a demon. If you have...

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  • AT&T: Google Abuses its Power, Manipulates Media


    If there's one thing clear from the Google Voice iPhone debacle, it's that there's no love lost between AT&T and Google. AT&T, to date, is accusing Google of everything from political and news manipulation, to violating net neutrality. The drama s...

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  • Easy Ways to Reduce Business Costs


    What business owner isn't trying to save money today? While online businesses often don't have the overhead that comes with a big office and lots of staff, we are often hit with lower profit margins that come with online competition and numerous b...

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  • Business Apps for the IPhone


    New iPhone apps can expand your mobile office. With the latest version of the iPhone operating system, you can now download third party productivity applications to your iPhone and enhance your productivity, even when you’re out of the office. Wit...

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