Small Business Stories

  • 5 Ways Small Businesses Can Cut Costs


    Just about everyone is seeing the costs of doing business go up due to fuel and energy prices, higher taxes and other outlays. With soaring expenses, small and mid-sized companies are being forced to tighten their budgets. As a small business owne...

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  • Liase: Amazingly Intelligent Email Enhancement


    Our regular email communications are filled with messages like "John, please get me the status report tomorrow"; or "Steve, the client wants the project delayed for 3 days". 
Of course many emails are much, much more substantive than this, but the...

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  • Google Launches DoubleClick Ad Exchange


    Google is about to launch its most potent weapon to date in the battle over the $15 billion market for display ads—the pictorial banners and videos that support most major Web sites. On Sept. 18 the search giant will launch its new DoubleClick adv...

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  • Microsoft Unveils Courier Dual-Tablet Concept


    Microsoft dropped a blockbuster product announcement yesterday via Gizmodo. After months of Apple-tablet rumors, including word that Steve Jobs himself is masterminding the device, it is Apple’s competitor Microsoft that has stolen the spotlight w...

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