Small Business Stories

  • Is the ‘Free’ Model the Smart Way to Do Business Digitally?


    First, a little confession. While this story pretends to be about things becoming free, that’s only in the sense of free samples; buy one, get one free; bare bones for free in hopes of selling the deluxe version; free but with advertising. You kno...

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  • Jobs Returns, Announces New iPod Nanos, Discusses Transplant


    SAN FRANCISCO - Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs returned to his showman role Wednesday, taking the stage at a product launch event for the first time since his nearly six-month-long medical leave. Jobs, who had a liver transplant this spring, got a stan...

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  • EBay Sells Part of Skype for $2B


    NEW YORK - EBay Inc. is trading control of the online telecommunications service Skype for about $2 billion, reversing a 2005 acquisition that many analysts considered a head scratcher from the beginning. The company famous for its online marketpl...

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  • 840 Million Reasons to Celebrate


    On the heels of Amazon's $840 million acquisition of, CEO Tony Hsieh spoke with Collective-E, a worldwide collective of women entrepreneurs, and some of its members. If you had to explain why you believe has been s...

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