Small Business Stories

  • Microsoft-Yahoo: A Rival for Google?


    So Microsoft (MSFT) got its wish. Thanks to a long-awaited deal with Yahoo! (YHOO), the software giant is poised to become the clear No. 2 in the most lucrative Internet market of them all: search. Under the agreement, Yahoo will use Microsoft tec...

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  • 9 Steps to Better Security


    Some data security attacks are done by those who just want the challenge of breaking into a system. But most attacks have more malicious intent such as stealing credit card numbers, social security numbers or other personal data for immediate fina...

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  • Meltdown 101: What is CIT, and what if it fails?


    NEW YORK - You may not have heard of CIT Group Inc., but there's a good chance you've shopped in stores that it helps keep in business. The New York-based bank is one of the nation's largest lenders to small and mid-sized businesses. Despite the ...

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