Small Business Stories

  • Yelp: Advertise or Else?


    The site faces a lawsuit—and a barrage of criticism—for mingling ads and reviews. Getting Yelped. That's the term angry business owners have started using when they feel unfairly criticized on the popular review site. Now Yelp is being forced to d...

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  • Hiring by Smallest Employers May Signal Job Recovery


    While forecasters expect the Labor Dept. report due out Mar. 5 to show that the U.S. economy is still shedding jobs, data from payroll companies suggest that losses at the smallest businesses have stopped and those businesses are beginning to hire...

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  • Banks Expand Small-Business Loans


    By RACHEL BECK NEW YORK - Banks know what the public wants to hear: They're lending money to the little guys. JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s new ad campaign publicizes the bank's plans to lend $10 billion to small businesses this year. Other banks, includ...

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  • US House Passes Tax Breaks for New Hires


    Despite doubts among many US lawmakers that it will create many jobs, the House on Thursday passed legislation giving companies that hire the jobless a temporary payroll tax break. The measure passed 217-201 on a mostly party-line vote. The bill a...

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