Small Business Stories

  • Best Free Software for Office Tasks


    Many people these days not only are finding themselves out of a job but also without access to the work computer that was part of their daily lives. So getting things done on a home computer -- whether freelance work or just job hunting -- can be ...

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  • Love Your Job? You're One of the Few


    Think working folks are happy to have a job - ANY job - in this miserable economy? Think again. The number of Americans who reported being happy with their careers dropped to an all-time low - 45 percent - in a new survey that found people are mor...

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  • Walmart Buys Vudu to Improve Position in E-Book, Movie Business


    Walmart may be the largest retail chain in the U.S. and one of the biggest companies in the world, but the wildly successful ultra-ubiquitous retailer has shown signs of weakness in sales of physical media like DVDs and CDs. Competitors like Amazo...

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  • Apple: We Say No to Good Ideas Every Day


    Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook delivered a rather interesting Q&A session at a Goldman Sachs tech conference on Tuesday.  In it he reaffirmed Apple's assertion that its floundering Apple TV product is really just "a hobby".&n...

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