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12 Ways to Get Your Prospects to Call You Back

Colleen Francis

No matter how persuasive, compelling or brilliant you may be, it’s difficult to build a relationship with a prospect if you can’t get them to call you back.

Most sales people use boring, outdated voice and email methods, which leave them sounding just like every other sales person in the world. If you want to get more return calls from your clients, then you have to do something different from everyone else out there – you have to stand out, be likable, and actively deserve a return call.

Here are 12 of the best ideas we’ve found to help you stand up, stand out and make your clients want to return your calls:

1. The fine line between persistence and stalking.

I rarely ever give up. That being said, I don’t call my prospects twice a day, either.

The trick is to call consistently and, if you leave a message, tell the customer precisely when you will call them back – and then stick to it. I usually say something like: “If I don’t hear from you by March 15th, I’ll call you back on the 16th.” I get return calls more often, because my prospects know that I will be calling them if they don’t get in touch with me.

Most experts agree that it takes at least 4 attempts to reach your prospect. Realistically, I find that number can be closer to 8. But some of my best customers today are those who I was initially the most patient with, and to whom I made multiple calls over a period of weeks, or even months.

2. Let them off the hook.

In a voice or email, it’s a great idea to tell a prospect that’s its OK for them to say no.

Say something like: “If you’ve chosen to go with a different product, that’s okay. Just let me know so I don’t become a follow-up pest.” The vast majority of the time, one of two things will happen – they’ll either call you back and say, yes, we’ve chosen someone else, or they’ll say no, we haven’t made a decision yet, and apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

Either way, you’re ahead of the game because now you know the truth about what’s going on.

3. Send a handwritten note.

Sending a handwritten note after your first sales call or presentation will dramatically increase your chances of getting a return call. Why? Because a handwritten note increases your likability, helps make the prospect feel good about you and encourages him or her to take your calls.

I never cease to be amazed at the number of emails I receive from clients and prospects thanking me for my handwritten notes. Obviously, they have an effect on people that yet another voice or email doesn’t.