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Google Announces Its First Advertising Campaign

Google Announces Its First Advertising Campaign

Shane McGlaun | Daily Tech

Google has been slowly expanding its reach to challenge traditional software firms like Microsoft on many fronts. Google offers its own smartphone OS, Android, to battle Windows Mobile. The search giant will be rolling its Chrome OS out to fight Microsoft in the operating system market, and Google has its cloud-based software products fighting Microsoft’s productivity app Office.

In some minds, one of the biggest problems with Google’s cloud-based productivity offerings is the fact that the company doesn’t advertise the product. While Microsoft and IBM spend millions on marketing to promote the cleaver and useful features of their software, Google is a word of mouth product.

Google has now announced that it will run its first advertising campaign to promote its offerings called “Going Google.” The major marketing campaign won’t be online as you might expect; rather the ads will be ran on billboards down major highways in America. Among the highways that will see the ads are the 101 in San Francisco, West Side Highway in New York, The Ike in Chicago and the Mass Pike in Boston. EWeek reports that the billboards will change daily and will tell the story of an IT manager fed up with his system that eventually “Goes Google.”

Google’s managing director for Creative Lab wrote in a blog post, “Every morning, millions of people wake up to a very refreshing experience at work. They don’t see ‘mailbox is full’ errors in their e-mail. They don’t worry about backing up their data. They can get to any file they need from any computer, anywhere with Internet access and a browser. They can all access and edit the same documents and spreadsheets at the same time as their colleagues. They use Gmail and Google Calendar at work as fluidly and easily as they use their personal Gmail accounts.”

With billboards changing every day, there will be lots of billboard material left over at the end of the camping. Expecting a backlash from the environmentally friendly, InformationWeek reports that the leftover vinyl billboard banners will be recycled into computer bags or shopping bags.

Google recently unveiled its app to sync Outlook with its Gmail email applications to make it easier for Outlook users to migrate to Gmail.