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Blog Your Way To a Bigger Business

Blog Your Way To a Bigger Business

Ann Evanston | Monster Small Business

Education or value-based marketing is an important tool to attracting new customers to your business.

Blogging is an excellent tool for sharing that knowledge with potential customers. Therefore, having your own blog or blog posting, commenting on others Blogs is a smart marketing strategy, as long as you implement these tactics. These tips will get you started increasing your education-based marketing online.

When posting you own Blog remember these tips:

1. Blog regularly. Daily is the optimum goal. At least three times a week is better than only one day a week. Blog visibility increases with regular posting so this is critically important!

2. Keep your posts short, yet powerful. People, especially busy ones, like short, value-based information that makes them want more. This tip also helps with the first point because if they are shorter it is easier for you to write and post regularly.

3. Pose a powerful question at the end of your blog. Your goal is to get people to comment on what you wrote. Comments are a good thing because it increases your visibility and web traffic. A question tempts them to comment.

4. Make comments open. Too often people “screen” comments by having to approve them. First this is a HUGE time eater as you create yourself more work! Second, don’t be afraid of somebody who disagrees with you. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing and you can actually use it to your marketing advantage.

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