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Influence Others to Attract More Business, Be Successful

Influence Others to Attract More Business, Be Successful

How do you influence others? How have others influenced you?

Ann Evanston | Monster Small Business

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or running your own business, you want to develop influence.

Influence is a critical component to develop if you want to bring about collaboration and ultimately create buy in. As I look at influential people, I find that they have developed key characteristics that make them successful. You, too, can develop influence to increase sales, build great teams, and improve overall results!

Here are a few characteristics influential people possess:

1. Personal Power

An influential person understands that people, in general, are attracted to strong individuals. “Strong” here refers to internal strength, and not strength that comes from holding a certain position. This is personal power, and it requires that you develop your own esteem and confidence.

2. Ability to Capture the Positive Attention of Others

Have you observed that there are some people who get noticed even as they enter a room and that their very presence seems to ooze strength and confidence?

Your first step to capturing the attention of others truly goes back to what your mother taught you. Do you pay attention to your hair style and clothes and make sure that they are appropriate? Have you developed a speaking voice that is clear, articulate, and nice on the ears? When you feel confident, your emotions will emulate in a positive way that makes people want to be around you.

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