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Marketing Metrics and Dashboards 2.0: New York

Marketing Metrics and Dashboards 2.0: New York

American Marketing Association

Marketing Metrics and Dashboards 2.0: New York

810 Seventh Avenue, 23rd Floor New York , NY 10019 11/3/2009 8:00 AM – 11/4/2009 5:00 PM Register by 10/7/2009 12:00 AM for early registration fee

This workshop provides mid- to senior-level marketers the knowledge to build marketing dashboards that better support marketing investment decisions and results tracking. The format combines educational presentations, case studies and participant collaboration to provide actionable learning.

Do you already have a marketing dashboard or are you considering building one? By now, most mid- to large-sized marketing organizations have either developed some sort of marketing dashboard or are on their way to doing so. Yet few have succeeded in engaging key users or generating the comprehensive insights they’d hoped to. Why? Is it the wrong metrics? Insufficient insight? Design flaws? Or organizational adoption issues?

Led by Senior Partners from MarketingNPV, the leading implementer of marketing dashboards and analytics, this intensive two-day seminar will dive into the how to develop a best of breed marketing dashboard to measure and enhance marketing ROI. We’ll examine how to successfully combine and evolve metrics, processes, analytics, and tools to ensure continued dashboard success over the long-term. We will help you avoid common traps and flaws to make sure that your dashboard continues to meet the evolving needs of the Marketing organization. Whether you’ve already got a dashboard you’d like to fix, or are just looking to avoid the mistakes most first-timers make, you’ll find lots of superb content in this highly interactive workshop.


  • Aligning the scope of your marketing dashboard with the organization’s knowledge needs.

  • Identifying the right metrics to include on your dashboard to identify opportunities and threats and forecast performance.

  • Integrating analytics and dashboard metrics.

  • Overcoming gaps in data or missing information.

  • Developing robust processes to support marketing resource allocation and performance management.

  • Selecting the right deployment technology to create an engaging interface and easy-to-maintain
  • operation.

  • Designing the user experience for simplicity and richness of learning

  • Developing a marketing measurement plan to ensure that the dashboard evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketing organization.


  • Senior marketers at mid- to large-sized companies with responsibilities for designing and building dashboards or executing against specific marketing metrics.
  • B2C or B2B marketing executives who need a comprehensive framework for measuring marketing performance.
  • ABOUT THE INSTRUCTORS Marketing Metrics and Dashboards, 2.0 will be led by managing partner PAT LAPOINTE and other senior management from MarketingNPV. With experience specializing in building marketing dashboards, marketing ROI and analytical frameworks, and brand scorecards, MarketingNPV helps companies to determine the financial return from marketing investments. Their work has been published and recognized by most major leading business and marketing industry publications, and appears quarterly in MarketingNPV Journal. Now in their 4th year as instructors of this highly successful workshop topic, the team has trained over 1000 marketers on establishing better links between marketing investments and financial value creation.