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5 Ways To Annoy The Daylights Out Of Potential Customers

5 Ways To Annoy The Daylights Out Of Potential Customers

Terry Brock | SmallBizLink

If you’re facing a problem of way too much business (work with me here) then I’ve got just the solution for you! I’ve noticed many businesses doing these steps below and it is a sure-fire way to get prospects annoyed and drive them away.

It must be something some companies want because they do it so often. Maybe you can relate from being on the receiving end of some of these tactics.

Five Ways You Can Annoy The Daylights Out Of Your Prospects:

1.Bother Prospects Incessantly With Notices Selling Your Stuff. Don’t worry about listening to the needs of potential buyers. Hey, you know it all after all, don’t you? Just approach someone when you see them initially and start talking all about you, your stuff and how you have what they need (even if you haven’t listened to them). Besides, you know more about what they need than they do, right?

2.Blare Loud Music When They Visit Your Website. You should automatically play blaring loud music when people come to your website. They should think of nothing but your stuff. Don’t they know that you have really cool audio and want to blare it at them? Why else would they come to your site? After all, they probably don’t have any other websites to visit.

3.Drive Them Crazy With Fancy Technology. You should automatically start a video when they arrive at your page with someone yelling at them about how cool your stuff is. Don’t worry that they might be in a situation where they don’t want to hear sound from their computer just yet. Besides, your message is so much more important than anything they are doing, right? Have someone appear to walk on the screen from thin air and start yakking away. Oh, and here’s another good thing—- do it each time they visit so they get the same annoying message every time! That will surely drive them crazy!

4.Always Ask For Their Name And Email Just To See Something. Don’t give away anything for free which could build your reputation and credibility. Instead, force them to put in a name and email just to get your silly little report (which is a sales report anyway, right?). Besides, your prospects are too dumb to put in a fake name and bogus email address, right?

5.Annoy Them In Person. Be annoying when you meet people in person by always forcing your card on them. And you should never ask them what they do. After all, they’re more interested in YOU than they are in their own stuff, right?

Yep! These are sure-fire ways to destroy a good customer experience before it even starts. You have more business than you can handle today anyway, right? And besides, YOU know more about what to do and can’t afford to listen to anyone, right?

Of course, if you might need more business, maybe you should do the exact opposite of what I listed above in these five steps!

Copyright © 2009, Terry Brock and Achievement Systems, Inc. Terry Brock is an international marketing coach and professional speaker who helps businesses generate profitable results. He can be reached by e-mail at or through his