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Achieving Your Sales Goals

Achieving Your Sales Goals

David Brydson

Anyone who has spent any time reading books or talking to Sales Consultants will have heard the idea that you must set goals for you to achieve success. These goals would include the date you expect to reach them clearly identified, or they would be just dreams. We are taught to make them either lofty or tiered, depending on the guru, so they make us stretch or make it easy to reach the first level – reward ourselves, and then move onto the next level.

These goals are supposed to be tangible; like a six figure income, or a new Ferrari, or some other highly prized possession that is designed to motivate us into action. Some even teach us to visualize what our life will be like once we have the prized item. Again, all to help keep you motivated and moving toward your goal.

Want to know how much you are going to achieve focusing on this type of method? Do you know what impact this technique will have on your overall performance? NONE!

That is correct, none of that will affect anything that happens in getting to where you want to be. You will still be barely making a living, or worst yet, having to continually tap into other sources on money to pay your bills. Working a part time job to make ends meet and other things that will only place more road blocks in your path.

Here is what will truly help you to get on the path to success and keep you there.
Decide today, and from this point on, to focus on your daily activities. In other words, work hard at doing the right things at the right time, each day. If you can accomplish that, you will, at a minimum, be able to pay your bills and not go further into debt. You need to become proficient at prioritizing your daily activities.

Constantly ask yourself these two questions:

1. Am I doing the absolute most important thing, right now, to help me make a sale?
2. Can I put off what I’m doing right now until my selling hours are over and use this time for something that will help me to close a sale?

Yes, this might mean working a few extra hours either before or after your selling hours. But, your most profitable hours for selling will be laser focused during that time.

What you will discover is that most of your best profit generating time has been spent doing things that could be handled during off peak hours. Most people end up spending their time responding to requests the minute they arise. It is very easy to get sucked into them unless you ask the requester: “When do you need this and why?”

Most of the time you will find that there is no need for the task to be done “right now,” and it can easily be accomplished outside your peak selling hours with the same result for the requester. Each of us only has a limited number of hours in a day and once they are gone; we can’t get them back.

I can’t tell you when your peak selling hours are, because they differ for each person, company, or situation. You will have to define them yourself, but I can tell what to look for in defining them. Peak selling hours are the time of day, about 6-8 hours, when you have the most success in contacting your customers, prospects, and targeted suspects. When is that, for you?

If you focus on sale generating activities during those times, your business will grow, your revenue will increase, and your profits will soar. You will do this because you will have more time for prospecting and qualifying opportunities during selling hours.


If setting goals has worked for you, by all means, keep doing it! However, if you have been less successful than you want to be, use the approach described here. Focus on your daily activities. Ask yourself constantly:

1. “Am I doing the absolute most important thing, right now, to help me make a sale?”
2. “Can I put off what I’m doing right now until my selling hours are over and use this time for something that will help me to close a sale?”

Be honest with yourself when you answer these questions, and hold yourself accountable. Become a master at prioritization. Switching your focus from goals to activities could be your path to success!