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What To Do When Your Customer Is Wrong

Renee Weisman | SmallBizLink

For several years I have been teaching seminars on dealing with difficult people. Whether it is an employee, colleague, or boss, simple established steps usually work. But what do you do if the difficult person or the one that is wrong is your customer? How can you tell a customer he or she is wrong without losing the business? Is the “customer always right, even when he’s wrong” as many companies profess?

No, but handling customers and clients without losing them requires a practiced and patient process. Much depends on the nature of the problem and what the client is asking from you.

In this article we will discuss 4 increasingly difficult situations with customers and some approaches you might take.

1) The irate customer whose product didn’t meet their expectations (this could be a help desk or a retail store or a service).

2) The client who wants you to take an approach that you absolutely don’t agree with.

3) The client who promises to review something, get back to you, deliver something to you (including your fee) and either neglects to do it or is habitually late.

4) The client who believes you are charging too much.

For each case, it is important to remember to stay calm and not take it personally. Be polite, patient and when necessary firm and consistent.

The Irate Customer =>

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