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Email Marketing Can Boost Social Media Traffic

Email Marketing Can Boost Social Media Traffic

Ramon Ray

Email can be a very boring way to communicate compared to social media’s like Twitter and Facebook. With Facebook you can do so much (video, photos, tag photos, communicate with friends and colleagues and more).

However, smart businesses know that email is a PERFECT tool to drive traffic.

Maybe you want to start using Facebook more, but are challenged in getting customers to join your Facebook page. Why not use your email list to encourage customers to join your Facebook page or Twitter updates?

Vertical Response customer LockPickShop had this dilemma. Boston based LockPickShop was founded in 2000 and is a very successful company. It has clients all over the world, including many US Government agencies and popular TV shows who use their products as props.

In October 2009, owner Glynn Gallagher decided to embrace social media and start a Facebook group for her business. To jump-start the Facebook page for LockPickShop, Gallagher launched an email campaign asking her customers to become ‘Fans’ of the LockPickShop Facebook page. There were no Facebook Fans at the time the email went out, and within five days she had over 300 Facebook Fans. A whopping 250 of these joined in the first 48 hours. Her Facebook page has only grown since this initial and subsequent emails.

Lesson learned. If you are having trouble driving traffic to a new product, or getting prospects to take a specific action, use email marketing to guide them where you want them to go.

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