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Are you a Gold Miner?

Are you a Gold Miner?

David Brydson | SmallBizLink

It really did not matter whether you were rushing to the gold fields of California or the frosted slopes of Alaska, everyone that rushed there thought they were going to be rich. The source of that thought: reports of gold lying around just waiting to be picked up and put into their pocket. Everyone wanted a piece of that action.

For a very small amount of folks, that indeed was the case; but only a very small group. Some were lucky enough to be like the blind squirrel who stumbled onto a nut. If you wander around long enough you may stumble upon a nugget too!

But, for the vast majority of those miners, that did become rich from the gold fields, did so because they realized it would take a lot of work. For most, it would be very hard work, but they continued to believe success would happen and it did. They worked hard at the tasks they knew would achieve their goal and were rewarded for they effort.

The most productive method for them was the panning for gold. This would provide them with some flakes, which could be combined into larger nuggets; and occasionally they would be rewarded with a larger nugget. They just had to keep panning. Your sales efforts are a lot like panning for gold. You continue to work hard at it and some flakes will appear in your pan. Work at it long enough and the occasional nugget will show up as well. Either way, you have to work at it constantly until you reach success as you sift through a lot of sludge and rock, just like those miners.

Using the analogy above, we can apply the same principles to your sales efforts. We have to start by going to where we think the gold will be. This is the place your target markets (suspects) are located at. I can’t say it will be California, Alaska or

➢ What are the characteristics of the best spots? ➢ Where do they reside, gather, hang out? ➢ What do they look like? ➢ How do you identify them?

We will also need to take along some tools:

➢ Pick Ax = Market Research ➢ Shovel = Cold Calling, E-mail, Internet Marketing, Direct Mail, etc…. ➢ Gold Pan = Your sales script, your offer, your pitch, etc….

When panning for gold, the 49er’s had to separate the sludge from the gold. Today’s cold callers must do the same. They’ll divide their findings into three groups: 1. Prospects. 2. Suspects. 3. Rejects.