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When Your Marketing Message Bombs: Why Material That Used to Draw Prospects, Now Doesn’t.

When Your Marketing Message Bombs: Why Material That Used to Draw Prospects, Now Doesn’t.

Why material that used to draw prospects, now doesn’t.

Tom Daly | SmallBizLink

Businesses scramble for new promotional material because what used to work, now flops. The emails and ads that once reliably brought new business, have now become a waste of time and money. Have your prospects changed? Have your competitors outflanked you? Is the economy flattening your sales?

Let’s face it. Competitors and the economy may be affecting your business, and prospects’ preferences may have changed. But when none of these factors can explain the failure of marketing messages to work as well as they used to, there may be a simpler answer. For example, Social Media.

When your message misses the mark
For the moment, we are going to assume that the need for what you sell has not changed, and that your message is actually perfect for the prospects. Is there a way your message won’t perform when the message is right? You bet. The message has to reach your prospect!

The unread billboard
Some time ago, a company tried to get their message on a particular billboard near a major road for a number of years, but their competition had a bigger budget and always monopolized the space. One day, they got a call from the space salesman who whispered on the phone, that he knew they were interested in that billboard and that the competition had failed to book it for the next month. He told them if they acted fast, he could get them the space. They moved fast and had their message up in 2 days. It brought them no new business. The week before, the new interstate road had opened and traffic no longer went by that billboard.

Where the traffic goes
When the traffic is no longer using the same medium as before, your prospects won’t see your message in the old medium. Up above, we mentioned Social Media, and a great deal of traffic is using it – BUT NOT EVERYONE USES IT. You have to find out what information sources are used by your prospects to obtain buying information, and then use those sources for your well-crafted (and tested) messages. Sometimes, you may find they are using multiple sources. Then that is what you should do.

But emails were so great!
So were newspaper ads, billboards, radio, and TV in their prime. Sometimes these sources are still the right ones. In a strange turnabout, one study discovered that for some products and services, direct mail was bringing stronger results than emails. Many of us can remember when emails were replacing direct mail. It wasn’t that long ago!

Follow the prospects
As new technologies affect how prospects get information, you will need to shift your medium to insure your prospects see your message. Of course, you have to have a good message which addresses the prospects’ wants, needs, or desires in a compelling way. But, the right message in the wrong medium will not bring you business. It will only waste your money. Find out where they go, or get someone who can discover it for you.