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Presentations that Move Right to the Sale

Presentations that Move Right to the Sale

Anne Miller

If you’ve ever seen figure skating, you know what a pleasure it is to follow the skaters on the ice because they move so gracefully from one step into the next, seemingly without effort. They don’t move in a jerky, disjointed fashion; if they did, you wouldn’t want to watch them.

Much the same can be said of winning sales presentations. You want to tell a sales story that moves gracefully and persuasively from beginning to end, that builds excitement from point to point, and that flows naturally to a conclusion and next steps. To change metaphors, you don’t want the presentation equivalent of “Chopsticks” or Muzak. You want a presentation that hits buttons, that rocks ‘n’ rolls with advertisers, that moves them like jazz, that gets them all revved up to advertise with you.

How do you do that? Assuming that you’ve got the right content, a large part of the answer is by using well-thought-out transitions. Transitions are links, bridges, or phrases that connect the various parts of your presentation into a seamless, compelling story. What follows are transition examples to move sellers and their messages easily and successfully from “Hello” all the way through to the closing step. (You can use these as is or tailor them to fit your style and situation.)

First, The Hardest Transition is the First>>