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The Seven Types of Prospectors

The Seven Types of Prospectors

Keith Rosen, MCC

Excerpt from Keith’s best selling book on prospecting endorsed by Ken Blanchard and Brian Tracy! More here.

In all of my years of training and coaching managers, business owners, sole practitioners, non-selling professionals and salespeople, one thing is for certain. Each person has a unique communication style and approach. That’s a great thing and something I certainly encourage each person to develop based on who they are or their personality, their unique skills, strengths, and talents, as well as how they come across.

The more you can personalize your prospecting approach, the more comfortable and confident you will be when speaking with prospects. This way, your approach will come across more as a natural conversation rather than a canned pitch.

Although developing a unique approach to prospecting is encouraged, there are some pitfalls to be aware of and a few exceptions to this rule.

What follows is a description of the seven types of prospectors, along with their unique style of prospecting and communicating. Regardless of your industry or profession, you will find that at least one type of prospector is going to resemble your current style of communication. Keep in mind that this article focuses on how to communicate effectively when calling a prospect, as opposed to what you actually say or the steps you take when calling.

If you can come across in a way that puts a prospect at ease to the point they will actually want to listen to you, rather than pushing them through the conversation, they will be more inclined to do business with you.

While each style encompasses qualities that seem to work and produce results, you will quickly notice that there’s only one style worth modeling. The others, well, you’ll probably want to stay away from them. As you read through this, if any of these styles resonate with you or if you feel that a certain type of prospector describes you to a tee, here’s your opportunity to adjust your communication style for maximum impact.

The Seven Types of Prospectors

1. The Pusher

2. The Pontificator

3. The Sprinter

4. The Copier

5. The Pleaser

6. The Educator

7. The Advisor