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Love Your Job? You're One of the Few

Love Your Job? You're One of the Few

The New York Post

Think working folks are happy to have a job – ANY job – in this miserable economy? Think again.

The number of Americans who reported being happy with their careers dropped to an all-time low – 45 percent – in a new survey that found people are more miserable than ever in nearly every aspect of their work lives.

Job satisfaction in 2009 was down from 61 percent in 1987, the first year of the Conference Board survey, and it’s a 4-point drop from 2008.

Only 51 percent now find their jobs interesting – another low in the survey’s 22 years. In 1987, nearly 70 percent said they were interested in their work.

Forty-three percent of workers feel secure in their jobs. In 2008, 47 percent said they feel secure in their jobs, while 59 percent felt that way in 1987.

And 51 percent say they are satisfied with their boss – down from 55 percent in 2008 and around 60 percent two decades ago.

Another major irritant that workers reported was the rising cost of health care, which is eating into people’s take-home pay at a higher rate than ever, the survey’s authors said.

Since 1980, three times more Americans are forced to contribute to their health-care costs. And the amount that people are paying has grown on average from $48 a month in 1999 to $76 in 2006.

“Everything we asked about has had this downward trend,” said Linda Barrington, managing director of human capital at the Conference Board.

“We know that the real average household income has not risen in this decade, but it had in the ’80s and ’90s. It makes sense that people are less satisfied with their wages,” she added.

However, even though Americans typically get more vacation days than 20 years ago, more now report being unsatisfied with vacation time as well.

“It’s a red flag that something’s going on in the workplace,” said Barrington.

The most unhappy were workers under 25. Sixty-four percent said they were down about their careers.

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Daily grind

45% of workers like their jobs – down from 49 percent in 2008.

51% now find their jobs interesting – an all-time low.

51% say they are satisfied with their boss – down from 55 percent in 2008.

Source: The Conference Board

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