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Ten Titanic Tech Battles for 2010

Mike Vizard/CTO Edge

When it comes to deciding when to cooperate with each other and when to compete, the major IT vendors have always, to one degree or another, been involved in skullduggery and intrigue.

On a field level, practicality that is usually forced on the vendors wins the day, resulting in agreements to work together and higher levels of interoperability. But back in the boardroom, the mantra is always growth at all costs. And what’s interesting to watch as we move further head into 2010 is how overt many major vendors have become about taking over somebody else’s patch in order to satisfy the demands of investors on Wall Street.

Those demands may not be of material interest to customers. But they do drive how vendors not only market themselves, but also ultimately what types of companies they move to acquire. Check out an overview of the major battles that will shape the IT landscape in the rest of 2010 and beyond.