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Five Ways to Cut Your Commuting Costs

Five Ways to Cut Your Commuting Costs

Kim Lankford |

Improve Your Gas Mileage

Buying a fuel-efficient car is an obvious way to save, but you can make other driving decisions to stretch your gas mileage even further. Robert Hall, fleet environmental manager for UPS, which has more than 88,000 vehicles, knows firsthand how these strategies can add up. Here are his recommendations:

• Avoid left turns, which waste gas while you idle and wait to turn across traffic. UPS routes are designed to avoid them.

• Maintaining your car, which can be as simple as making sure the tires are properly inflated, can positively affect gas mileage.

• Reduce weight in the car. Unnecessary items can contribute to lower gas mileage.

• Avoid rush-hour traffic. Leaving a little earlier or later can reduce the amount of money you spend on fuel while you’re idling in a traffic jam.

• If both spouses drive to work in separate cars, use the more fuel-efficient one for the longest commute.

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