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Five Ways to Cut Your Commuting Costs

Five Ways to Cut Your Commuting Costs

Kim Lankford |

Look for Other Transit Discounts

Those over age 65 ride Maryland’s commuter rail trains half price, while students save 15 percent on most commuter rail passes. Students at participating colleges can get a $64 pass for local bus, light rail or subway for only $39. Most states offer similar discount programs.

Share a Ride

Carpooling and vanpooling helps you split commuting costs over several people, which is particularly helpful in areas lacking good public transportation. You may even be able to use up to $105 per month in pretax money for van-pool costs if your employer offers the benefit. Most states or counties have databases to hook people up with ride-share partners or van pools that have similar schedules and commutes. Check out your state’s department of transportation or for resources.

Cut Your Car Insurance Costs

If you cut your commute, make sure you tell your insurer. You’ll generally get a low-mileage discount if you drive fewer than 7,500 miles per year.