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7 Free Web Alternatives to Photoshop

7 Free Web Alternatives to Photoshop

Photo by youngdesign, Creative Commons

Hamsa Ramesha | SmallBizLink

May 12, 2010

4. Splashup

Look familiar? The relatively sophisticated interface of Splashup is modeled after Adobe Photoshop. Edit in layers, implement layer effects, filters, brushes, etc, while working with multiple images at once. Formerly known as Fauxto, Splashup runs in your browser, with the ability to edit images from your account on other photo sharing sites. Overwhelmed? Download Splashup Light for an easier, simpler interface and basic photo editing capability.

5. Picnik

If the name rings a bell, it’s because Picnik rose to fame through a partnership with Flickr. All editing is done in the browser; no download or registration is required. Premium versions are available for a price, going as high as $24.95 for an annual subscription. In addition to Flickr, Picnik users can edit their photos via Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, and Photobucket. In March 2010, Picnik announced that it was acquired by Google, which means you can expect bigger and better things on the horizon.

6. flauntR

Part of the FotoDesk group based in Switzerland, flauntR is privately funded. The Flash-driven interface and integration with popular social networking sites makes this program easy to use for beginners looking for quick retouching and editing. Users must register for a free account to use this program and get access to online image storage and professional printing services.

7. Photoshop Express

Die-hard Photoshop fans should check out Adobe’s online web-app. Released in 2008, it’s a far cry from the full version (it has no layer ability, for instance), but it’ll get the job done in a pinch. Register for a free account to get 2GB of space for your photo upload needs. Not enough? You can upgrade for a fee, of course. Adobe Photoshop… or bust!