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The Benefits of VMware

The Benefits of VMware

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July 21, 2009

The Benefits of VMware July 6, 2009

VMware and Virtualization Software“Virtualization” is the process of installing multiple operating systems for one or more workstations or servers onto a single physical workstation or server. This is a very practical solution because the processing power of the average workstation or server is underused-most systems only use about 5-15 percent of their processing capabilities. Virtualization is beneficial for your small business for several reasons:

  • It’s cheaper to have several virtualized machines residing on one physical machine than it is to purchase multiple machines.
  • Server room size requirements can be decreased saving you time and money retrofitting your office space to accommodate a larger server room.
  • Save money on electricity required to power the multiple machines as well as save on your server room cooling bills.
  • Workstation and server maintenance and upgrades, as well as machine replacement are cheaper when you only have to worry about one physical workstation or server.
  • Less hardware to babysit means less software to upgrade.

So, what is VMware?

VMware is a company that makes multiple software solutions that will let one physical workstation or server simultaneously run more than one operating system. This is done by installing a VMware program onto a machine before any operating systems are installed. Once software has been installed, multiple operating systems can be installed. The great news about VMware is that the operating systems can be different versions such as Windows XP, Linux, and Windows 2007. VMware will also let your Mac platform hardware run PC platform software and vice versa.

Why VMware?

VMware is considered by many to be the gold standard in virtualization – providing the widest suite of solutions available to small businesses. Four of the most popular VMware solutions include:

  • VMware vCenter Server- this solution will allow you to decrease the number of physical servers that your business has to have. By virtualizing multiple servers, you will reduce your need for physical servers, decrease the amount of server storage space, and lower your energy bill.
  • VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager- this solution will keep your system running, even if there is a hardware failure. If one a physical servers crashes, this program will automatically move all the hosted virtual servers to another physical server. Your business will have constant system availability and will not lose any uptime while waiting for someone to fix the broken server.
  • VMware View- is an application that manages desktop workstations by making the brains of the workstations virtual. Software installations and updates are managed in one place. This saves time and money and makes it easier to support, manage and control workstation usage.
  • VMware vCenter Lab Manager- allows you to test software, system configurations, and updates without committing time and effort to modifying workstations.

Learn more about VMware.

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