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Microsoft SharePoint for Small Business

Microsoft SharePoint for Small Business

July 21, 2009

What is it? SharePoint is a Microsoft productivity tool that enables businesses to safely and efficiently share documents and information through one online access site. This collaboration program is ideal for small business because it allows project members, business partners, and clients to securely share documents regardless of location.

What does it do? SharePoint manages documents by providing a host of tools that give project members, partners, and clients the ability to organize and share information at all stages of the project. Some of the integrated tools include:

Check-in/check-out – this feature allows only one user at a time to access and modify any item. This feature prevents multiple copies from being created.

Key word search – this advanced search feature will check all documents for specific words or phrases. Preconfigured access site – this feature allows immediate access to all tools included in SharePoint without any special installation options.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 2007 – this feature allows users to create, edit, and review documents created in MS Office 2007. The enhanced calendar features allow project members to easily share key dates.

Auto alerts – this feature sends out notifications, alerts, and RSS feeds about project changes. Task lists – this feature allows tasks to be assigned to specific project members, ensuring complete task ownership.

Two-stage recycle bin – this feature helps prevent accidental deletions of important files.

How will it help your small business? SharePoint software creates a secure connection and landing site that is affordable and easy to use. This program makes it simple to include employees, business partners, and clients on all stages of project development regardless of their physical locations. SharePoint is easily and affordably customizable due to many built in program functions – customization is a snap.

What should you do? All small businesses need to reduce infrastructure costs and complexity – SharePoint can help your small business do this. SharePoint will reduce your needs for multiple file servers and make it easier for everyone to work together. To learn more about what SharePoint Server software solutions from Microsoft can do for your small business, please contact All Covered.