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Business Apps for the IPhone

Business Apps for the IPhone

Andreas Krebs | All Covered

July 31, 2009

New iPhone apps can expand your mobile office. With the latest version of the iPhone operating system, you can now download third party productivity applications to your iPhone and enhance your productivity, even when you’re out of the office. With an iPhone, several productivity applications, and a secure, well supported IT network back at the office, you can be productive anywhere at any time.

Recently, Apple gave third-party software companies permission to write apps for the iPhone. Opening up code to software companies has exponentially expanded the software programs available for the iPhone, making it an ideal smart phone for business use. These new iPhone applications can work with your business and allow you take your office with you, regardless of where you go… as long as you are within range of a cell tower.

Some of the best business apps available are:

CTI Mobility-. integrates your iPhone into the corporate phone system and gives you access to all the phone features that you use at the office. The caveat with this app—CTI Mobility currently works only with an XPhone VoIP solution, but other vendors have similar applications under development.

• ACTPrinter- treats your documents like “print jobs” but sends them to your phone instead of a printer. This app saves you the hassle of having to email documents to yourself as attachments.

• RDM+ – gives you remote access to your Windows or Mac platform computer back at the office and allows you to use any program you have on that computer.

• Citrix Receiver- gives you access to your Citrix applications on your iPhone. With this app, you can open documents, run applications, and join webinars.

• SQLTouch- lets you remotely access and maintain you’re MySQL databases.

• Salesforce Mobile Lite- gives you instant access to your data, regardless of your location.

• IDcrm- gives you access to your Microsoft CRM data and also keeps an offline copy. This app is great for sales people.

Integrated with a properly secured, patched, updated, and consistently maintained IT network at your physical office, the apps, coupled with your iPhone, can make your mobile phone into a mobile office. In addition to the above mentioned iPhone apps, there are also hundreds of other productivity apps available. To learn more about how to integrate your iPhone with your business technology tools, please contact All Covered.