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Tips to Successfully Migrating to Windows 7

Tips to Successfully Migrating to Windows 7

Andreas Krebs

October 07, 2009

Microsoft has made great efforts to help ease the growing pains of migrating Windows XP and Windows Vista to the new and improved, feature rich, user-friendly Windows 7. The creators of the latest Windows OS have designed several useful tools and an installation method that will help users make a smooth and seamless transition from an older Windows OS to Windows 7.

By using one or more of the migration aids, Microsoft hopes that all users will experience an uneventful transition from an older OS to Windows 7. Four installation aids are available to help IT staff upgrade machines that are currently running XP or Vista. These tools will help preserve all existing user data during the upgrade process while keeping customized settings intact.

1. Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) – is a downloadable set of tools that will help IT administrators create a customized set of installation preferences that can be applied to every computer in the network from one location.

• Customizing an AIK allows for “one-touch” installation where all of the configurations are pre-set and the IT administrator only has to click the “GO” button once to install the entire Windows 7 OS on the entire IT network. • All Microsoft workstation and many third party applications may be bundled into an AIK and upgraded at the same time that Windows 7 is deployed.

2. User State Migration Tool (USMT) – is a utility that comes prepackaged with Windows 7. This tool works with the downloadable AIK tool during the OS installation process to transfer custom user settings and files from a specific Windows XP or Vista machine to the upgraded Windows 7 OS on the same machine.

• This new tool will keep files and settings protected on the workstation during the upgrading process and will save time since data won’t have to be transferred to a portable drive during upgrade and then later reinstalled. • Updates typically take less than 30 minutes.

3. Windows Easy Transfer – is another prepackaged utility that comes with Windows 7. It works with Windows XP and Vista machines to relocate user data from one machine to another.

• This tool is ideal when migrating a small number of machines. • With Windows Easy Transfer, files and settings can be transferred using a network, a USB drive, or other external storage.

4. In Place Upgrade – in addition to the above tools, for Vista OS users, Microsoft also offers an installation method that that will automatically preserve all user applications and data during upgrade.

Whether your IT network is currently running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or a combination of both, Microsoft has made great efforts to make upgrading to Windows 7 as easy as possible. To learn more about which migration aid will best suit your company’s unique IT network needs, please talk to the migration experts at All Covered by calling 866-446-1133.