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The Benefits of Windows 7

The Benefits of Windows 7

Andreas Krebs

October 06, 2009

The Windows 7 OS provides many new tools and features that focus on improved productivity through improved usability. This new OS has been constructed to be more intuitive and less distracting (no more annoying and unnecessary pop-ups notifying the user that there is a notification for the user). Users that upgrade to Windows 7 will benefit from increased productivity while enjoying the following resources:

Decreased boot time- the average windows 7 machine will boot will boot up in under 60 seconds. With the decreased boot time, users will no longer have time to run across the street for a mocha while their system starts up. Instead, users can get to work as soon as they sit down.

Compatibility- The flexibility of Windows 7 gives users the ability to run almost any software that is Windows compatible. Windows 7 will work with more accessories and programs than its predecessors, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Microsoft has designed this OS to automatically run any program that was designed for Vista, and it will also be able to run most XP applications in an XP compatibility window.

Libraries- Windows 7 provides a new, more intuitive way of organizing and locating documents. Instead of wasting time trying to remember where a previously created document is stored, a user can now search for their documents by type in different “libraries” such as communications, contacts, documents, downloads, music, pictures and videos. Not only will a user see a shortcut for the document they need, they will also gain immediate access to specific data that is pertinent for each type of library. For example: when the “contacts” library is opened, it will show phone numbers and e-mail addresses and when the “downloads” library is opened, it will list the URL source for each download. The libraries are customizable, allowing users to create personalized folders that will keep project documents and files accessible.

Jump Lists- This updated menu is a timesaving tool that allows a user to preview open applications and folders. When the mouse is moved over the taskbar, a popup menu appears and lists all open windows. Right clicking will provide a brief history of recent changes and other useful information.

Windows Search- This enhanced search feature resembles the “auto-complete” function that is a familiar tool in Microsoft Word. The moment a user starts to type a word in the search field, Windows 7 will list items that match the typed characters. The list will decrease as characters are added. At any point, a user can preview the search results—without having to open the document.

To learn more about the benefits of upgrading your OS to Windows 7, please contact the Microsoft experts at All Covered at 866-446-1133.