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Video Will Boost Your Business: It's Time To Dive In.

Video Will Boost Your Business: It's Time To Dive In.

Ramon Ray

November 20, 2009

Online video is one of the most powerful communication media that businesses can use.

Thanks to the low cost of video production technology, such as The Flip video camera (now owned by Cisco) and very cheap hosting (just upload to YouTube or for free) you can convey just about anything, to anyone, through video.

Companies like TurnHere have taken video production a step further by enabling businesses to easily have professional videos produced.

One challenge is producing professional video segments and hosting them. It’s easy to have video on Youtube, for example, flanked by advertising and limited control of how the video plays.

But being able to have customized players, add your own advertising and more is how serious businesses can differentiate themselves.

Brightcove has one of the best platforms for creating a customized and professional looking hosting platform. It started out as a free service, then after several months, it started charging $6,000 a month. Recently it got smart and offered a version for smaller business, this version starts at $100 a month.

David Strom writes more about the benefits of video here:

This week Brightcove begins a new lower-priced video service called Express that starts at $100 a month and offers some impressive features. I’m glad to see them in this space, which is still very much in the pre-Guttenberg publishing era. I thought I would take this moment to talk about some of the issues involved in publishing Web videos for corporate uses, putting aside all the tectonic shifts that are happening in the Web entertainment arena for another essay.

To put things in perspective, realize that it took only a few years for the Web to evolve from its first crude text-only efforts to a full graphical experience. Yet it has taken more than a decade to get videos inside the browser page. And while there are dozens of video streaming service providers, including Brightcove, Wistia, Fliqz and Kaltura, that offer ways of delivering videos, none of them are as easy to use as they could be, and almost none of them offer one-stop solutions for publishers.

In the last year I have spent a lot of time with video publishing as a result of my five-minute screencast videos, where I write, review, narrate and produce everything about a particular product. The product’s vendor sponsors each video that appears on my site along with 20 other places around the Internet.

Just take a look at the most popular Web content creation tool of the moment, Wordpress, as a good case in point. If you create your own blog and host it using, you can purchase a “space upgrade” for $20 a year and start uploading video content. But if you decide that you want more control over your page design and host your blog on your own Web server, this space upgrade option isn’t available and you have to dive into the nasty world of third-party video player plug-ins. Even though you are still using Wordpress software. It is these sorts of gotchas that can drive you crazy, or keep me fully employed explaining them.