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Is VoIP right for you?

Is VoIP right for you?

Andreas Krebs

December 18, 2009

The Internet has significantly changed the way we do things; companies conduct business at an accelerated rate, information has become widely accessible and remote communication has become ubiquitous. All these benefits have significantly impacted the bottom line of businesses, allowing them to become flexible in many ways.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is arguably one of today’s most important advancements in communication. This revolutionary communication technology offers way more than just convenience; it also offers a host of other reasons why businesses should do away with the traditional phone systems. Perhaps most attractive among the benefits that VoIP offers is the way it saves companies on communication costs.

Getting more for less

With VoIP, businesses can get more value for less expenditure. Because businesses typically get sufficient bandwidth with their high-speed Internet connection, they can easily switch to VoIP using their existing network for a very nominal fee that is far cheaper than maintaining a traditional phone line.

A VoIP system lets your business conveniently get a company phone number at a fraction of a landline’s cost. If your company is looking to cut costs on local and long distance calls, using a VoIP is the way to go. One reason why VoIP costs a lot less than traditional phone systems is that there are quite a number of VoIP carriers out in the market. Thus, there are no monopolies, such as can be the norm in traditional phone services. Another good reason why VoIP is cheap is that the system uses your existing Internet connection. With sufficient bandwidth, you can plug in a VoIP system to your existing network connection that offers virtually the same quality that you get from traditional phone lines, but with much more features.

As an added value for businesses, most VoIP carriers offer features for a very low monthly fee or for free such as speed dialing, call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID, caller ID block, automatic redial, and conference calling. Other convenient features that most VoIP carriers offer that are not available with a traditional phone service include sending data versions of voicemail messages, forwarding of voicemail to email, and managing address books and contacts from your computer. Most VoIP providers also offer unlimited calls to major countries. Skype, for example, offers unlimited call to landlines and mobile phones in select countries. For only EUR 8.95 per month, you can make unlimited calls to landline and mobile phones in the US, Germany, Canada, Australia, the UK, Singapore and more from your computer. Or from the US, you can get calling rates by minute as well and save.

Less wires, more savings

Another attractive benefit that VoIP offers is that if your business has not been pre-wired to accommodate traditional phone lines, you don’t have to have it done. No additional wires and other hardware are necessary in order to set up a VoIP for your business. This offers additional savings for your communication needs, as additional wires and hardware needed to configure a traditional phone service can be very expensive.

The power of portability

With traditional phone lines, your company’s phone number is fixed in a single physical location. With this setup, you can’t bring your phone wherever you go. But with VoIP, you can bring your phone number along with you, whether you are in the office, at the beach or in some hotel in Italy.

Increased professionalism

Businesses need to be as professional as they can be, whether dealing with customers in-person or through phone. With a VoIP in place, your business can easily set up a professional IVR system that walks your clients through the different numbers that correspond to various departments. A good VoIP system will also route customer calls directly to the department they intended to call.

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