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Innovate Your Way To Success: Report On CES 2010

Innovate Your Way To Success: Report On CES 2010

Consumer Electronics Show 2010

Terry Brock | SmallBizLink

January 06, 2010

Dateline: Las Vegas, NV
I’m here for the annual gathering of “Gizmos, Gadget and Geeks Galore” at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. It is like the play, “Brigadoon” in that an artificial city springs up in the city of Las Vegas, filled with about 100,000 people from almost every country in the world. Hustle is the name of the game as vendors, consumers and, yes, a bunch of us from the press, scurry about to see the latest in wide-screen TVs, 3D TVs (yes!), portable computers, net-accessible devices and more.

I had the honor yesterday to interview the President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, Mr. Gary Shapiro. In that interview (available by video at I asked Gary about what he saw for this year. He said that 2010 is the year that innovation is how we’re going to pull out of the economic slump of 2009. This makes sense as it is through innovation, bringing new, market-valuable ideas to play, that any firm is going to succeed today. It is not a matter of “waiting for the economy to turn around.” It is not a matter of bashing the competition (as much fun as that can be!). It is a matter of bringing new, market-valuable ideas to play. How one does that is key.

3D Television

This is something that we dreamed of in the 1950’s. It is reality today - well, sort of reality. I was able to see what Mitsubishi is doing with their new 82 inch (!) television that is HD and 3D (see for more details). I also saw what Sensio ( is doing. Both are most impressive. More content needs to come about and it will. The recent success of the movie Avatar demonstrates the market is willing to pay for 3D that delivers strong content.

Yes it does require some special glasses to watch and it is worth it. I’m a jaded journalist so I have to admit that it takes a lot to impress me. However, this did. Vivid, life-like video in 3D changes the viewing experience. This is not just a mater of getting a bigger screen (trends in the past). It is not even about moving from the old NTSC standard of television to the HD format now used.

The 3D experience of viewing moves television into a whole new dimension. You are engulfed in the experience more than ever. You are a part of an event, not merely watching some moving pictures on a television.

Watch this trend. It is going to portend a lot in the future. For you and me in business, it means that we have an opportunity to reach customers in a unique way that is innovative (there’s that word again) and can help solve their problems. Video as always been a strong medium to deliver a message. Now, the ability to show 3D images brings video more into real life. You could show vivid examples of your products as never before. You could also have testimonials that dramatically emphasize what you offer.

Keep an eye on this trend. Today it is starting. Tomorrow it will be the norm.