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Google's Nexus One Cell: Three Things You Need To Know

Google's Nexus One Cell: Three Things You Need To Know

Ramon Ray

January 06, 2010

In September 2008 Google launched its Android operating system, for cell phones. This launch was the first major competitor to iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian (Nokia) operating systems.

Yesterday Google launched it’s first cell phone, the Nexus One and is selling it directly to individuals (unlocked) or it can be bought through wireless carriers at a subsidized rate.

Google’s continued push into the field of telecommunications (Android, Nexus One, Google Voice) will positively affect your options for cell phone and virtual telecommunications – the cost and the features.

What does this mean for your business?

The three key parts of cell phone purchasing and usage are the hardware itself, the applications and the carrier.

First the hardware you pick for your phone, meaning HTC, Nokia, LG, Motorola, etc is so important into how you can use your phone. How difficult or easy it is to use the phone is affected by the type of phone hardware you have.

The second thing that’s important are the applications available on your phone. Although most business professionals use their phone to check their email but applications for finance, sales, social media connections and more are available.

Apple’s iPhone has taken the lead in the applications available on its phone, 100,000+ for iPhone yet only about 18,000 for Google’s Android.

Apple’s iPhone won the first onslaught of being ‘cool’ and having great apps. But Google and other cell phone makers will continue to challenge Apple’s dominance.

The third thing is the wireless carrier. The carrier you choose will drastically affect your coverage area, the quality of your telephone calls and the speed of your connection.

What this means is that Google will continue to force the entire cell phone marketplace to innovate and aggressively price cell phones and wireless service. This is GREAT for businesses.

Google Voice, although not a full scale PBX is a powerful tool for business owners who to install a telephone system, but still need a feature rich telephone system for their business, that won’t break their budget.

If you and your employees are just using a cell phone to speak, then you’re not maximizing and getting all you can from it or from the telecommunication options available to you overall.