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Google Unveils "Near Me Now" Local Search Service

Google Unveils "Near Me Now" Local Search Service

Google improves local search for iPhone and Android

Shane McGlaun | DailyTech

January 11, 2010

Google is always working to add new features and services to its offerings to make searching for location about places and locations in the users local area easier. Google has been busy recently expanding its horizons with new endeavors like Google Energy and the company has just announced a new local search service.

The local search service is called “Near me now” and the goal is to make it easier and quicker for users to find places and information about places near them. The service is accessible by going to on the iPhone or Android devices and clicking on the “Near me now” button once the phone provides your location.

Google says the new service is intended to address two issues for mobile searchers. The service will provide information about businesses near you and lets users get more information on whatever they are in front of with a “explore right here” option. Using the latter option the user would be able to get reviews on a restaurant they are in front before going in.

The “Near me now” option would let the user find places like coffee shops that are in their immediate vicinity without having to be in front of one at the time. There are a few caveats to the new services. First, the services only work if the location service is enabled on the iPhone or Android devices. The “Explore right here” option only works if the handset provides an accurate location to one city block.

The iPhone also has to be running OS 3.x or higher and Android devices need to be on 2.0.1 or later. Google unveiled its Nexus One Android phone recently and the device will work with the new features.

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