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Tech Tools To Connect, Learn and Grow Relationships

Tech Tools To Connect, Learn and Grow Relationships

Terry Brock | SmallBizLink

January 14, 2010

Recently I had a chance to work with some tech tools which can help you not only in your business but also in your personal life. I see technology as the tool we leverage to build quality relationships in business. Here are some that I recently experienced and wanted to share with you.

Libre eBook Reader PRO From Aluratek

I love reading. We know that today reading and assimilating knowledge is critical to success. The more one can read and process, the more information is available for connecting with others on common ground, acquiring new skills and enhancing life.

The new eBook readers are hitting the market in abundance. One that I recently tested is the Libre eBook Reader PRO from Aluratek. It is a reader that comes with 100 eBooks on a 2GB SD card and will support up to a 32GB card. These books include popular classics like Walden by Henry David Thoreau, Aesop’s Fables, Gulliver’s Travels and more. You can purchase new books in the eBook format and read them. Often these books cost less than the more-traditional paper books.

As a devoted book reader myself I was anxious to experience it. This was my first dedicated eBook reader that I’ve used. I wanted to compare it to the hard copy book that we are familiar with for years. I’ll admit that I was leery of it as I like the kinesthetic experience of holding a physical book, turning the pages, and enjoying a good read.

Well, as a die-hard book lover, I have to tell you that this is another way to enjoy reading and it has some advantages over the other method. We are in the infancy of seeing eBook readers on the market. Kindle from Amazon and the Sony eBook reader are the two most popular now. However, the trend is for many to come out with their offerings and book lovers world wide are going to benefit.

My experience was that it took a wee bit of getting used to pressing the “Next Page” button vs. flipping a physical page. However, after just a few minutes I found the button-pressing routine not only acceptable but enjoyable.

I could expand my font size to a comfort level that was just right for my eyes. I could switch from landscape to portrait viewing, which was nice depending on the application.