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Amplify iPhone Sound Without Power And Bluetooth Mobile Conferencing

Amplify iPhone Sound Without Power And Bluetooth Mobile Conferencing

AirCurve, Griffin Technologies, www. $19.99

Terry Brock

January 25, 2010

If you are a mobile professional or you need to share sound from your iPhone with colleagues, prospects or clients, I have a technology I want to share with you. Also, if you use a mobile phone and need hands-free operation for conferences and/or in the car, you’re in for a treat. This week I want to share with you a couple of devices that can help you leverage your ability to build and maintain strong business relationships using some simple and inexpensive technology.

Griffin Technology AirCurve

I recently was given a device by the good people at Griffin Technology that amplifies the sound on your iPhone without any battery and/or electricity. I know this sounds strange but they use a device called the AirCurve to amplify the sound coming from your iPhone.

The AirCurve weighs just a couple of ounces but it is designed with acrylic so that the sound from your iPhone is magnified on a flat surface. It is gives a power boost in what you hear.

The applications of this will bring a smile to the face of any mobile professional or person who needs to share some vital sounds from a podcast or music on an iPhone.

You can see a video of this at: to learn more. I used it recently to listen to some great music from Stravinsky, the Borodin Polovitsyn Dances, and it was superb. The iPhone by itself compared to the AirCurve sounded like a listening to it out in a cornfield vs. coming into a finely-tuned acoustic theater.

Since it uses no wires it is great for those of us who travel a lot and don’t need any more wires or batteries to carry.

They’ve also designed it to insert a charging cable from underneath. This way you can listen to the sounds and charge your iPhone or do a synch if needed.

In sum, the device is simple, inexpensive and very useful. Besides that it is good for the environment in that it uses no power! What a great combination!

AirCurve, Griffin Technologies, www. $19.99

Spracht Aura Mobile BT

Mobile phones are great but when you want to operate hands-free, you usually need something extra. Even more, if you want to have a conference call with your mobile phone it can be a challenge.

Enter the Spracht Aura Mobile BT for making conference alls. This Bluetooth device pairs with a mobile phone so you can have several people around, say, the conference table talking to another person. This is great for those times when you need to share a conversation with colleagues at the office.

The Aura Mobile BT also is handy when driving. Many states now require hands-free operation if you use a mobile phone while driving. This device allows you to clip it on your visor and then connect with a caller so that others in the car with you can hear the conversation. It is safer and this helps to build relationships with people.

It is a good example of using technology to bring people closer together. In my tests I was able to get calls connected and after I got the device to recognize my iPhone (took about 5 minutes) it was very useful.

This is a device to investigate for the serious mobile professional who uses a cell phone often. Stay legal when driving. Share selected conversations with others. Connect more with relationships.

This is a device worth examining.

Spracht Aura Mobile BT, $99.00,

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