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Creating a Winning Telecommuting Strategy

Creating a Winning Telecommuting Strategy

Kelly Caldwell / Monster

June 23, 2009

Telecommuting. Employees long for it, but many employers still have their doubts. For some employers, the obstacle to embracing telecommuting stems from a lack of trust in employees. For others, trust isn’t the issue, but a lack of experience in how to approach this arrangement is creating the roadblock. However, with the right strategy in place, implementing a telecommuting program for your company can be a step in the right direction for all parties.

Where Should You Start?

First, outline a document with the reasons for the company’s decision to consider telecommuting as an employee option. Create a list of the benefits associated with telecommuting. This is the easy part. Among the many employer/employee benefits are the potential for reduced commuting, improved staff morale, etc.

Next, create a list of each change that is necessary for the company to launch its telecommuting program, i.e., what policies are necessary, what equipment will have to be purchased, which management issues need to be addressed, etc. Set guidelines regarding acceptable investments in equipment and office supplies as well.