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Avoid the Top 10 HR Mistakes!

Avoid the Top 10 HR Mistakes!

By Amy Drachman | HRGuru

June 18, 2009

1. What you don’t track once you could pay for twice. For example, having to compensate departing employees for unrecorded-but used-vacation time. Develop a system for tracking time off and be sure to use it.

2. When you don’t “keep up with the Jones’s” in terms of pay and benefits, you could lose your best employees or prospective hires. Know what your competitors are offering and be sure your compensation and benefits package is in line with industry standards.

3. Failure to consistently and accurately document employee performance problems, policy violations, and complaints can turn into a liability nightmare. Do not ignore performance issues in the hopes that they will go away.

4. Non-compliance with policies and procedures is an invitation for claims. If you have policies that govern workplace conduct, make sure they are applied consistently throughout the organization.