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8 Ways to Influence People

8 Ways to Influence People

Jonathan Farrington

June 23, 2009

The Power Of Positive Behavior

Who has been a big influence in your life? A parent, relative, employer, friend or neighbor? Chances are that they often did nothing specific to influence you – they just behaved in ways that you took note of and decided to copy.

Behaviours that help the influencing process:

• Continuous maintenance of rapport

• Maintaining good eye contact

• Congruent body language which supports your messages

• Appropriate voice tone which underpins what you say

• Flexibility – being prepared to change your approach, when necessary

• Awareness and acceptance of the needs of others

• Lack of conditional words, which dilute your messages

In Summary: Model(ing) Behavior

Ok, suppose you don’t have sufficient flexibility of style. With practice, it’s easy to observe, analyse and reproduce the effective behaviors of other people. If you’ve ever studied any skill under a master, you will already have done this.

Suppose you know a person who uses an influencing style in a particularly elegant or effective manner. You have identified this as something you would like to improve for yourself. By closely observing what works for that person and noticing the effect it has on others, you can begin to experiment by adopting these behaviors and strategies and making them work for you, too.

Behavior is only behavior – it can usually be replicated!