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10 Overused Phrases Interviewers Hate

Jeff Hindenach | SalesHQ

March 08, 2010

4. “How Much Does It Pay?”

This is one of the most annoying questions for most interviewers. You’ll find out how much the job pays when you get the offer. Until then, you should focus on the position and how you can contribute to the company. No matter how you phrase the question, asking about money at this stage only makes you look like you’re just in it for the money. Even if that’s true, is that
how you want to come off?

ALTERNATIVES: If finding out the salary is really that important to you, ask to talk to other employees on your level, ones who won’t be making the hiring decision, to get an idea of work environment. Then, ask them about the benefits package and compensation. But trust us — don’t make it all about the money.

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