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Building a Compelling Employer Brand

Building a Compelling Employer Brand

June 23, 2009

Branding includes highly specific messages about the company. “I work for PepsiCo” means something different from “I work for Microsoft,” “I work for Fox News,” and “I work for the city council.” The employer brands at these organizations are crafted to attract certain kinds of talent, temperament, and values in candidates.

You have an employer brand whether you know it or not. It touches all moments of the candidate and employee experience, from the first time a candidate hears your name until the day he or she retires from your company. An employer brand is more than a one-way description of “what it’s like to work there.” It’s a multidimensional conversation among the company’s leadership, its employees, candidates in the marketplace, alumni, and even outsiders such as the press, bloggers, and anyone else who has an opinion. The employer brand includes

1) The company’s professional reputation

2) A description of company culture

3) News reports about the company, both good and bad

4) Word-of-mouth statements about the company

5) A description of the company’s future

6) How the employer’s brand compares to the competition

Beyond advertising, it’s also expressed in subjective candidate experiences, such as

1) Applying for a job on your Web site or via e-mail

2) Interviewing for a position

3) Talking to employees and walking through the workplace site(s)

4) Using products, services, or customer help

5) The company’s impact in the candidate’s community