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Building a Compelling Employer Brand

Building a Compelling Employer Brand

June 23, 2009

Furthermore, your employer brand is a standard against which you can judge whether all your recruiting tasks are working together. If your efforts are unified by the right employer brand, you will look for the right people, create the right employment advertising, do the right networking and other outreach programs, and explain the advantages of working for you versus your competition. You’ll capture the candidates who share your values and will succeed, and take a pass on candidates (even talented ones) who won’t work out.

Finally, an authentic employment brand is a challenge to your organization’s management to walk the talk—to manage daily work according to a set of values and standards that identify your company. This means employees know who they’re joining, what they’re expected to do, and how they will be judged.

Do you see that your employment brand is in fact the heart and soul of your company as well as your recruiting? It’s really an articulation of why you exist, why you work, and why you work here and not someplace else. It’s that important.