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Best Airlines for Business Travel

Nealeigh Mitchell | SmallBizLink


Continental Airlines

Cabin comfort: Continental’s BusinessFirst travelers flying overseas to certain destinations can stretch out on a flat-seat bed, a roomier design that allows you to lie completely flat to sleep. An amenity kit filled with aromatherapy products helps you arrive fresh and revived after a lengthy flight.

Meals: Continental offers carefully select menus and wines for each country they serve, many times highlighting local specialties. BusinessFirst meal service includes a wide variety of delicious menu selections as well as premium wines and champagne. And don’t worry if your sleep schedule is off. The “Executive Meal Option" allows you to dine at anytime during the flight.

Entertainment: That eight-hour flight will fly by with Direct TV, feature films and audio/video On Demand at your fingertips.

Work: Keep your laptop juiced up with a power port at your seat. Joining the Wi-Fi frenzy, the airline will be adding GoGo Inflight Internet to a handful if its Boeing aircrafts this Spring. The new wireless service will provide access on Wi Fi-enabled laptops and smartphones, and will offer similar speeds to wireless mobile broadband.

Frequent Flyer: Continental’s OnePass program partners with dozens of airlines and hotels, rental companies and mileage credit cards. You can even earn miles on France’s Amtrak rail travel. OnePass members earn a minimum of 500 miles per flight. Plus, reward tickets start at 20,000 miles instead of the usual 25,000.

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