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Best Airlines for Business Travel

Nealeigh Mitchell | SmallBizLink


American Airlines

Cabin comfort: Can’t postpone a meeting until you land? Seats swivel so you can conduct business face-to-face. Electronically-controlled recline and lumbar support features in each chair makes for a comfortable ride. Plus, individual satellite phone at each seat keeps you connected. Sleep in peace in a fully flat bed and wrapped “Premium Cabin Duvet.” Plus, passengers are provided with an SpAA In Flight amenity kit, which includes two aromatherapy packets, comfort socks, eyeshades, tissues, earplugs, and a pen.

Meals: Menu designed by three world-class chefs on staff at American Airlines. Food and wine selection tailored to the route you’re flying. The airline’s “Dine Upon Request” option let’s you eat when you please.

Entertainment: Each seat has personal video system with on-demand library of 45 movies, 80 hours of TV shows, and 15 video games. An On-Demand library boasts 30 CDs & 14 channels of audio programming. Drown out the crying babies with noise-cancelling headphones.

Work:Wireless Internet access on American’s flights is available in the continental U.S. and to customers traveling to Mexico and southern Canada; however, coverage currently doesn’t extend 100 miles beyond the U.S. border.

Frequent Flyer: Like most airlines, reward tickets begin at 25, 000 with American’s AAdvantage program. The one catch is that there is no minimum number of miles earned on a given flight. They make up for it by providing dozens of ways to earn points, including opening up a line of credit at certain banks, donating to charities, and even activating a smartphone.

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